8th Annual Digital Marketing & Social Media Summit 2018


DMSM 2018

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09:00-09:45 Session 1:

How Can World–Class B2B Companies Acquire Customers Through Marketing in China


Davis Pang, COO & CoFounder, BesChannels

09:45-10:30 Session 2:

Omni- Channel Shopping Experience for Digital Consumers

Store VR experience, online customized products
Online purchase, offline delivery
Check inventory online
Online purchase, offline return/replacement

Ben Hassing, SVP, eCommerce & Technology, Walmart

10:50-11:35 Session 3:

B2C Ecommerce Market Overview and Experience Sharing

Farrukh Shad, Senior Vice President of Retail Strategy and E-commerce,Schneider

11:35-12:20 Session4:

New Product Launch Through 360 Degrees of New Digital Activities

Brian Chan,Head of Marketing,The Hershey Company

13:20-14:05 Session 5:

Digital Consumer Decision Journey and Online Eco-system

Deep dive consumer insights and develop highly relevant strategic proposition to fit unmet needs and transform to proper digital contents/tools along the digital consumer decision journey
Establish an online eco-system including pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases and evaluate digital marketing investment ROI

Aseem Puri, Marketing Head , Unilever International

14:05-14:50 Session 6:

Cultivating Emotional Connections With Your Customers

Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. But why do they want a hole? The person buying that drill may, in reality, be buying ‘love for his family’… He wants to be able to have family photos hung on the walls of his home.  So instead of asking, “where are you making the hole”, probably we should be asking, “what are you hoping to hang”. Effective marketing appeals to emotions instead of reasons. In this age where we express ourselves through what we do and buy, learn how emotions shape our thinking on products, services and brands.

Wini Wong, EVP of Global Marketing, EF Education First

15:20-16:20 Session 7:

What is new Branding and New Retailing,Why is it much Harder for MNCs to Win in

Omni-channel marketing strategy

Lu Guo,Founder&CEO,Shopal;Former Vice President of Digital Ecommerce Johnson&Johnson

16:20-17:05 Session 8:

How a Low Frequency Low Interest Product Category,Keep its Consumers Interested?

Four tires are the only touch points between a car and the ground.The performance of the car relies on it.So very important right? However,driving age of Chinese consumers are averagely 3.5 years.Our young first time consumers don't understand the tires and don't care neither until their tires are flat on the road!Michelin is a leading tire manufacturer but it is also known for its "Michelin Guide" which determines the best restaurants around the world.  Michelin China owns also one of Largest retail fast-fit chain.How are all these assets added up in Michelin marketing approaches? How does Michelin manage its consumers and create better value in this "Digital" & "New Retail"era?

Clara Gao,BTC Marketing Director-Greater China,Michelin (China)investment Co.,LTD.

17:05-17:50 Session 9: Panel Discussion

Creating Experiences that Connect Consumers to Brands

Experiential Marketing allows consumers to create connections with brands through 1-on-1 interactions. The expert panel of CMOs will share how big brands are attracting new customers with their extremely creative engagement campaigns that are using high technology and deep customer insights, and discuss in details how using personal and shareable live experiences in marketing strategies will amplify reach, convert customers and drive sales.

Moderator : Wini Wong, EVP of Global Marketing, EF Education First Liyan Ye, Senior Marketing Director, Valio Tor Petersen, CMO,SpaceCycle Mika Kanai, General Manager of Digital Marketing,Shiseido

09:00-09:45 Session 1:

Hacking Growth with Better Customer Journey

The necessity of the customer journey
The application of hacking growth methodology
The applicable scene of the customer journey: to B & to C
The key points to the customer journey
case study

Jasmine Yu, Solution Director of Marketing Cloud, Oracle (China) Software System Co., Ltd.,

09:45-10:30 Session 2:

How Can Large-Scale B2B Enterprises Increase Business Revenue Through Digital Tr

Liping Wang, Executive Director & GM, Digital Marketing Center, China commercial Business, Lenovo

10:50-11:35 Session 3:

Account Based Content Marketing -Identify Potential Customers ahead of Marketing

It's essential to target and interact with the B2B purchasing decision makers before you finally touch them.The Account-Based Marketing(ABM)is a strategic initiative,which is targeted and efficient.By breaking the walls between sales and marketing ,the ABM provides a specific marketing process under a unified goal,helping identify,reach and then influence the target customers,
thus realizing your business objects.LinkedIn Account Targeting and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions(LMS) have been important parts and tools of ABM,which are all based on the dynamic big date pool of LinkedLi.

Vianne Cai, General Manager of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn China

11:35-12:20 Session 4:

Big Data Leading Social Marketing

The in-depth introduction of Tencent social advertising how to base on data insight, with more accurate crowd portrait, more matching marketing scenes, more moving ideas, to help the brand and user to establish a temperature connection, leading marketing into the intelligent era.

Sophia Ong,GM, Strategic Partnership &KA | Online Media Group , Tencent

13:30-14:30 Session 5:

Build up Complete B2B Digital Marketing Roadmap

B2B's Digital Marketing strategy
Case Analysis
Complete B2B Digital Marketing  Rodemap
B2B branding and the strategy of Integrating Online and Offline Resources
Some of the Trends and Successful Experiences of
B2C's Model in the B2B enterprise

Hanson Wang, Chief Digital Officer Asia Pacific, Saint-Gobain China

14:30-15:15 Session 6:

Digitalization in Pharmaceutical Industry

Yi Hou, IT Associate Director,Eli Lilly China

15:35-16:20 Session 7:

Artificial Intelligence - Business implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling businesses to work smarter and faster, doing more with significantly less. The structure of the workforce is changing however it does not mean that AI will replace humans or the jobs. As technology and society continue to advance, more organisations are looking for powerful, sophisticated solutions that will improve and streamline operations and in contract this will allow us to create a knowledge based economy and leverage that to create better automation for a better form of life.

Nadeem AMIN,Head of Digital, Danone Early Life Nutrition, Hong Kong

16:20-17:05 Session 8:

Premium Data Solution for Brand Marketing

The presentation helps brands, especially the premium brands, on how to identify the right target group and right tactics using martech and the right data among the billions of big data as they called.

Nicole J. Yang ,CEO of Enabling Eco Cloud, Chief Marketing Officer of Secoo Group

17:05-17:50 Session 9:

How Can Social Media Really Can Help Sales Do Conversion?

Louisa Luo,Head of PR&Communications-Consumer Healthcare,GSK

09:00-09:45 Session 1:

The Rise of MadTech and Blockchain in Digital Transformation

Vincent Lee,Digital Marketing and Comunications, APAC,The Dow Chemical Company

09:45-10:30 Session 2:

The Will of Those Representing Capital Behind Digital Marketing

The macro economy determines the trend of the industry, thereby affecting the decision-making of those representing capital in the market: investment or contraction, research and development of new products or continued sales, using traditional marketing or digital marketing. If digital marketing is used, in what way, to what extent, the ultimate goal of achieving digital marketing and the risks that need to be avoided are deeply affected by the will of the capital.

Kris Tan, Head of Marketing& Business Development , CNH

10:50-11:35Session 3:

B2B Digitalized Engagement

Traditional marketing are facing more and more challenge on cost control, hard to evaluate its biz impact, changing customers’ unmet needs, etc. This presentation is sharing some case to show how to react those challenges, and how to re-position marketing role in the organization via digitalized engagement.

Anita Liu, Marketing Director, Greater China, GE Healthcare


The Application and Value of B2B Enterprises in Social Media

Traditional manufacturing industry through the social media platform to obtain public opinion data, build products and sales platform, managing customers, internal and external data exchange, and using existing entities based on the location and needs of the new O2O channel, suitable for B2B business content and brand social media Marketing

Cherry Xu,Marketing Director,Schneider Electric

13:20-14:20 Session 5 :Panel Discussion

The Essence of Digital Marketing in New Era

● User and Product Contention (Company Strategy)
● Big Brand and Small Brand Contention (Brand Strategy)
● True and False Digital Marketing Contention (Marketing Strategy)
● Contention of Good and Bad Content Marketing (Content Marketing)

Moderator: Lucy Feng,Marketing Director Of Automotive Lighting APAC,Osram Asia Hanson Wang, Chief Digital Officer Asia Pacific, Saint-Gobain China Cathy Gu, Chief Knowledge Officer, Anita Liu, Marketing Director, Greater China, GE Healthc

13:20-14:20 Session 6:

HCP Entertaining Education by Digital Marketing

Westly Yu, Senior Marketing Director of HTN BU, Novartis

14:20-15:05 Session 7:

Drive PPC Effectiveness by Closed Loop Analysis

PPC(Pay Per Click) is more widely used by Marketers for industry products, but with the challenge of budget limitation/CPC(Cost Per Click) increase, we are also facing diminished returns of Ads spending. Besides the collaboration of Marketing team and Sales team, Marketers using closed loop analysis on PPC will enhance the PPC effectiveness, make Marketers with more visibility on the closed loop of PPC AdsLP(Landing Pages)Chats/Calls/FormsLeadsOrders and take the right countermeasures to achieve the PPC goals.
Adam Cheng,Product Management and Marketing Director, Greater China,Videojet Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Adam Cheng,Product Management and Marketing Director, Greater China,Videojet Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

15:35-16:20 Session 8:

How to Master WeChat and Other Social Media Tools

How to Master WeChat and Other Social Media Tools
Through the raise of WeChat and other social media tools, our way of marketing has changed rapidly. In today's session,we'll explore the latest trend of social media in China, including current content needs, industrial structure and business models. You'll also learn about how to:
Increase offline/online sales via new media
Expanding brand awareness massively with no budget
Operating and growing your WeChat account effectively with no budget

Peter Petermann,Chief Strategy Officer,MediaCom

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